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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> we continue following breaking news out of lake tahoe where the body of a missing bay area teenager has been found. >> let's get right to nbc bay area's christie smith who is live in petaluma with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla and jon. obviously, this is such sad news, not what anyone wanted to hear at all. neighbors have come by the home right after the news broke, and they were in tears. i spoke with alyssa byrne's mom earlier. she sounded very hopeful that her daughter would be found okay, and now this. >> it is with deep regret that we announce that we have recovered the body of alyssa byrne. she is deceased.
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at approximately 8:30 this morning a utility worker in south lake tahoe, california, observed a body of a person over a snow bank off pioneer trail between black bart and el tahoe. the body was approximately ten feet off the roadway. >> reporter: the neighbors came by much earlier this morning with food and drinks and flowers well before the douglas county sheriff made that awful announcement this morning. alyssa byrne's body found in the snow. we're hearing that there were no signs of trauma or foul play. a worker found the body. he was in a high vehicle. it appears she may have been walking and fell. she was last seen new year's after attending a music festival. she told her friends she was taking a shuttle to the hotel and may have walked instead. the deputies still need to trace her cell phone and figure out those last steps. >> the investigation will continue. we'll try to piece together people who talked to her, if --
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who was the last person to see her alive. we'll continue to look for those people. we're still interviewing. we don't shut down the investigation. we'll just try to get an answer for the family and for the investigation on what occurred and what led to this. >> reporter: there were reports that she may have been seen at a casino afterwards, and it turns out those may not have been true. there were report of twitter posts that appear to have been from her account saying things like, just lost all the trust in the person that i trusted most. now i asked her mom about those earlier, and she told me tha was probably more tied to an old longtime friend, in her words, more just like 19-year-old drama. but again at that time her mom sounding very hopeful. and the sheriffs again saying it appears she was walking and may have fallen. now, her father was in tahoe to receive the news. again her mom here. when we last saw her, she was with family and friends. but i wanted to show you what's
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out front in the mailbox, two angels here. there is a ribbon and a candle. and just awful news here this morning. again, her mom, her family inside, but we're keeping our distance out of respect because they just got this terrible news this morning as well. reporting live in petaluma, christie smith, nbc bay area news. a fire had crews scrambling in san jose this morning. it started around 4:20 at the palliative health center north of 101. managers say it appears that someone tried to break in and the place smelled like gas. no one was hurt, though. inspectors will look at the surveillance video for clues. workers say they're trying to do everything to the letter of the law and it's upsetting that they would become a target. >> it's definitely a little bit upsetting just to have this happen to us, whether it was a fire bug or some sort of retaliation for whatever reason. just unfortunate it happens when we're just trying to fit in.
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>> now, nothing was stolen. the pot club has been in that location for about three years. investigators in petaluma tried to figure out exactly what started a fire that killed a 91-year-old woman. we have photos of that fire taken at the scene at the leisure lake mobile home park on stony point road. firefighters say they found the woman's body inside a rear bedroom. at this hour, it is unclear if that mobile home had a working smoke detector. we have a long list of quart appearances to tell you about today. high profile cases throughout the bay area. >> a man who appeared on the streets new year's day naked and armed with a samurai style sword is set to go in front of a judge today. san jose police averted a potential lethal standoff after taking koko bennett into custody. also in the south bay, three of four murder suspects accused of killing a silicon valley businessman in monte sereno will
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appear in court. the killing happened during a home invasion. the men have convictions for residential burglar es. prosecutors say they intend to seek the death penalty or life imprisonment without parole in the case. in san francisco, a teen aged driver will be arraigned today on charges of murder, attempted murder and evading police. 19-year-old david morales is accused of killing two people in a crash while leading police on a chase through san francisco's mission district on new year's day. officers say morales is a gang member who shot at three pedestrians before the police chase. new this morning, the latest jobs numbers are in. the labor department releasing the data for the month of december, which scott mcgrew admits is not his favorite month. >> yes, good morning. december is an odd one. the american economy added 155,000 jobs in the month of december. that puts the unemployment rate at 7.8%. now, why is december a tough
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one? well, it's because lots of people are traveling. maybe not seeking jobs. and there are lots of temporary jobs at the mall with holiday help and shipping as well. so it tends to be an unusual month. as far as that 7.8%, you may really it was 7.7% in november. is that a tick upwards? not really. because the economists have gone back in november and changed that number back to 7.8% as well. so it's really no news, but we often get that with december and the dow is responding with up 18 points. so again, no real effect on the markets this morning. we'll wait for the january numbers. back to you. >> thank you, scott. governor jerry brown is developing a plan he hopes will keep his fiscal cliff deal from taking a bite out of california's budget. the deal signed by president obama on wednesday prevents states from keeping a portion of revenue from the federal estate tax. california has not received any revenue from that tax since
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2004. but the brown administration included it anyway when coming up with the state's current budget plan. officials projected that they'd receive $335 million from the tax over the next year and a half. a spokesman for brown's administration tells "the l.a. times" they've already figured out a way to get by without that money, but he did not offer any specifics. the governor is expected to unveil his new budget proposal next week. right now meteorologist christina loren sits in with it. the final friday of 2013. and a weekend upon us. what are we looking at? >> we're looking at some showers. rain on the way for the weekend. we'll help you make those outdoor plans nonetheless. i think you'll be aubl to get outdoors for most possibly saturday and sunday. but right now we're tracking some showers. this morning looking so great for outdoor activities on a friday afternoon. it's the warmest day of the week. temperatures now in the 50s. san francisco looking good. alcatraz very visible out there this morning. we don't have any fog to tell
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you about, but we do have the return of the clouds this morning. that's what's boosted your temperatures up at this hour. 50 degrees in san jose, 52 gilroy, 50 degree in santa cruz. we're headed to the mid-60s. three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. a mild and sunny finish to the day. tomorrow some showers starting to develop, but they'll come down for the most part while you're sleeping. just depends on where you live. we want to time that out for you. but the storm track will stay to our north all tl way through the 15th of the month. no significant rain. that storm window not opening until then. so it will be dry. >> we'll take the dry, a little sunshine today. good way to start the weekend. >> nonletheless, it's the weekend. >> we've heard about athletes in great shape suddenly dying of heart trouble. stanford researchers think they've found a cause. that's coming up. shot by the taliban for standing up for women's rights. today a teenager from pakistan takes a major step in her recovery. and the house taking action
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to help victim of superstorm sandy, but not everybody approved the aid. we'll break this all down with the vote. and giving you a live look at the dry conditions that christina speaks of. the bay bridge toll plaza. where in the world is everybody? they're at home enjoying this friday morning. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. well, in case you just are joining us, we wanted to bring you the latest on breaking news that we're following out of tahoe. douglas county sheriff's department officials announcing just about an hour ago the body of 19-year-old alyssa byrne from petaluma has been found in the area. she went missing new year's eve. the sheriff's spokesman saying a utility worker found her body alongside a road that leads to the hotel where she was staying with some friends. that's the horizon hotel and casino in tahoe. at this point, officials say they do not suspect foul play. we are continuing to follow this story, and we will have the latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00.
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all day long also on >> such a sad conclusion to that story right there. in other news, neighbors who live right next to the flooded san francisquito creek say they want the city to fix it now. in response the city council last night declaring it an emergency after storms damaged that levee. it is hoped that governor brown will declare that a state of emergency. that would bring the moneys needed to cover the cost of the repairs. it shows 12 different areas in need of immediate help. storms right before christmas caused that water to overflow it banks damaging a total of seven homes. >> they really just should fix the levee. that's the main thing. fix it. >> we found more serious damage to the levee and to the roads. this is a very dangerous situation. >> the city of east palo alto hoping governor brown will grant their emergency request later on today. >> after a bitter battle earlier
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this week trk house of representatives has passed the first of a two-part relief bill to help the victims of superstorm sandy. in a 354-67 vote, representatives signed off on the $9.5 billion spending package. all of the no votes were cast by republicans. the money will be used to pay flood insurance claims related to the storm. a second $51 billion broader aid plan will be considered later this month. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is on her way to newtown, connecticut. giffords and her husband will have a private meeting with the families of 20 of those children and 6 adults who were killed during a mass shooting at the sandy hook elementary school. giffords, if you recall, she herself was injured in a mass shooting in arizona two years ago. the state department says secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to return to work next week after being treated for a blood clot in her
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head. clinton right now resting at home comfortably. she's there today just one day after being released from a new york hospital. doctors found a clot during a follow-up appointment that started with a concussion. troops waking up in turkey on a defense mission against sear ra. personnel was sent in to operate patriot missiles along the turk irk border. this is a response from nato to turkey's request for protection. germany and the netherlands, the only other countries with patriot misils. a pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban for promoting girls' education. she was released from a uk hospital today to live with her family while she waits for an additional operation. kir simmons has that story. >> reporter: months after she first arrived malala yousafzai walked from the queen's hospital in birmingham. a miraculous recovery for the
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pakistani girl who in october was shot in the head on her school bus. the local taliban in the district because she spoke up for the rights of women. doctors say the bullet grazed her brain but describe her as a strong young woman. she will now continue her recovery with her family in britain. her father, mother and younger brother are all here. she's to undergo reconstructive surgery in late january or early february. the pakistani government is paying for her treatment, and her father has been given a job, appointed education attache for the pakistani consulate while tens of thousands have signed a petition calling for malala to receive the nobel peace prize. keir simmons, nbc news, london. the los angeles police department is investigating claims that two officers lured four women into unmarked cars and forced them to have sex over a five-year period. according to court records, the
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na narcotics officers would threaten the women with jail time to get them in the car, then drive them to secluded areas where the officers would demand sex. one of the alleged victims has filed a lawsuit. back here in the bay area, we're learning that that oil fire at chevron's oil refinery over the summer may have accidentally been ignited by firefighter. chevron firefighters responded to reports of a small leak in a 40-year-old pipe and photos from that investigation now showing something unexpected here where the pipe had failed. that line appears to have have been punctured and punctured from the outside. investigators say the damage could have happened accidentally as firefighters tore away the insulation. a san francisco lawmaker is making some bold moves. he's proposing a new bill to protect the homeless. democratic assemblyman tom ammiano wants to give the homeless legal permission to solicit money and sleep in public without harassment. the measure is sure to be
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controversial in cities like sacramento and san francisco where voters have already passed anned or against against sitting or lying on walks. after decades of dominance, the curtain may soon be dropping on an illustrious era of de la sal football. the school at this hour not confirming the speculation but there's a press conference set for later on today talking about the future of de la sal football. ladouceur has a sparkling resume. 399 victories under his belt as head coach. he's held the post since 1979. >> he has to get to 400. >> you would think so. christina loren, it is friday and dry outside. >> it is, but not for long. good morning to you, jon and marla. good morning to you at home. taking a live look. a little hazy here over san jose, but a crystal clear sky over that layer of haze. we're looking really good for
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today. temperatures are going to warm into the 60s, we're already in the 50s in some city, san francisco. warmest day of the week so far. 50 in san jose and 49 in concord this morning. we progress throughout the day today, we've got better air quality. that's the good news. you can go ahead and breathe it in today. and we'll likely get better air quality after the showers roll through. doesn't look like a washout. we still want to help you make those outdoor plans. stick with me for a minute. 62 in livermore, 61 in beautiful downtown san jose. showers mostly staying to the north at this point. the jet stream is taking the storm track in to the pacific northwest and canada. for us, we'll see a cutoff low break apart from the jet stream move into the bay area and bring us precipitation. the bulk of the moisture will stay off shore, the core of the low pressure moving down the california coastline staying over the pacific. so a.m. fog and drizzle for tomorrow, cloudy and cooler, you'll notice that difference overall. and then the light rainfall
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works like this this. stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. mostly cloudy conditions, fog and drizzle at the immediate coast. stop that clock for you again at 5:00 p.m. that's when the bulk of the moisture will come through. then sunday morning we'll wake up partly cloudy conditions, a nice way to finish off the weekend. opportunities for you to get outdoors. like i said before, most of that rainfall coming down while you're sleeping overnight saturday into sunday. monday and tuesday, a little bit on the cool side but nice and clear. we get our next chance for rain on wednesday. very slight chance, 10 to 20% of a shower moving into the north bay, nonetheless, we like to let you know about everything. then on thursday, high pressure, big blocking ridge moves in. we call blocking ridge because that's what keeps the storm out of the bay area. it will be potentially tall way through the 15th, maybe 16th of this month. then that storm window opens up and it looks like we'll get hammered with rainfall. but overall, guy, good looking weekend. you two certainly earned it. get out there and enjoy it.
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>> we will. >> you know what i like about the weekend forecast? showers on saturday night. i love sleeping in the rain. look forward to it. need some rest. big fine for stanford researchers this morning. up next, what they've learned about heart conditionses affecting seemingly very healthy and fit athletes. >> then an update on the big art project that will soon light up the bay bridge. jump in on the discussion and check things out and get yourself informed on everything around the world. check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. marla's got it. this is the traffic moving through fremont right now on 880. no problem to report. i hope you stay with us. more after the break.
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stanford university researchers may have found what's causing young, healthy athletes to suffer heart attacks. they discovered higher levels of calcium in patients with a heart condition. scientists have known a genetic mutation is the reason behind abnormal hearts in athlete, but they were not sure why the heart muscle was failing. stanford researchers say the medication to restore calcium to normal levels may be one way to treat that condition. almost awards time in hollywood. after a day-long delay, votes for oscar nominations are due this morning. this is first year that the academy is letting members cast their ballots online. the votes were due yesterday but the deadline was pushed back after voters complained about issues with the worldwide web and their website. voting wraps up at 5:00. the list of nominees will be announced january 10. work crews are almost done decorating a giant piece of art in the bay area. that work of art, the bay
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bridge. it's being draped with 25,000 white l.e.d. lights. private donors shelled out $8 million to turn the bridge into the largest sculpture of its kind in the world. i cannot wait. the artist in charge of the project say they are 40% finished and soon they could start turning on the lights to see how it looks. the switch will be flipped on in the grand unveiling on march 5th. so march your calendar. >> i like that cool vibe. >> that's going to be great. >> kind of like christmas lights on steroids. very cool. they'll run all year long. a shout out to thousands of our viewers who pitched in and boxed enormous amounts of groceries. dinner's ready.
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welcome back. now well you made it through the first friday of 2013. take a look at this reward. when a beautiful day shaping up. this is san francisco, the bay bridge. crystal clear conditions. good air quality actually in the
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city by the bay. and temperatures are going to be at their warmest for today. 62 degrees inland, 60 bayside, and 60 at the coast. a little bit cooler by saturday. then showers arrive saturday night into sunday. not a washout. you'll still be able to get outdoors by sunday afternoon. jon and marla, back to you. >> thanks, christina. >> we finish up this morning with a big time thanks. heartfelt thank you to all of you in the bay area for your generosity. >> we have updated numbers on our nbc bay area food drive at safeway stores. you remember this. we had the pleasure to see lots of you who came on by. it benefited the second harvest food bank. now we have a grand total. the food drive collect mord than 100,000 bags of groceries for those in need. that's awesome. >> you can have a dinosaur to help out or a dragon. >> yes, a dragon. at that safeway store where we were at. >> how to train your dragon? >> thank you. >> took the words right out of my mouth.
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>> i'm here to help. >> join us tonight.
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